Invited Talks

  • Wearable Bioelectronics for Skin Health; Onur Parlak. Sensors in Medicine, 8-12 November 2021, United Kingdom.
  • Wearable Bioelectronics; Onur Parlak. NanomedNorth, 10 June, 2021, Malmö, Sweden.
  • Smart skin and Wearable Bioelectronics; Onur Parlak. New Ideas for Medicine organised by Technical University of Munich, Germany, 28 May 2021, Munich, Germany.
  • Wearable Bioelectronics in Healthcare; Onur Parlak. Biocom Lab Day organised by Swedish RISE 18 November 2020, Norrkoping, Sweden (Online Seminar)
  • Biosensors in Infection Biology; Onur Parlak. 3rd Bilateral Seminar Series organized on Sustainable Development, 16-18th September 2020, University of Tokyo & Stockholm Trio, Sweden
  • Biosensors in Infection Biology; Onur Parlak. Karolinska Institutet Infection Biology Conference, 27th August 2020, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Conducting Polymers for Drug Delivery and Biosensors Applications; Onur Parlak. 12th International Symposium of Nanobiotechnology, 27th February-1st March 2019, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
  • Interfacing with Skin Using Organic Electronics; Onur Parlak. 5th Stanford-Chalmers Workshop on Advancing Materials Innovatively (SCHWAMI V), 20-21 October 2016, Stanford, California, United States.
  • Switchable bioelectronics on graphene interfaces; Onur Parlak. SPIE, Biosensing, and Nanomedicine VIII, 9-13 August 2015, San Diego, California, United States.
  • Stimuli-encoded bioelectronic systems; Onur Parlak. Advanced Materials World Congress, 22-26 August 2015, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Switchable Bioelectronics on a Graphene Interface; Onur Parlak. World Congress on Biosensors, 27-30 May 2014, Melbourne, Australia. 
Oral Presentations
  • Wearable multi-sensing platform for preventive medicine; Onur Parlak. Bioelectronic Medicine Symposium, 6 November 2018, Nobel Forum, Karolinska Institute, Sweden.
  • Wearable biosensors: challenges and future perspectives; Onur Parlak. Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce (SACC) Meeting, 27 September 2016, Stanford, United States. 
  • Stimuli-responsive Interfaces for bioelectronics; Onur Parlak. 2nd International Biosensor Congress, 10-12 June 2015, Izmir, Turkey.
  • Stimuli-encoded Switchable Modulation of Bioelectrocatalytic Graphene; Onur Parlak. European Cooperation Science and Technology (COST) Bio-inspired Material Conference, 20-21 October, 2014, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey.
  • On/Off Switchable Bioelectronics on a Graphene Interface; Onur Parlak. Advanced Materials World Congress, 16-19 September 2013, Izmir, Turkey.
  • Towards Transparent PS/PMMA-grafted CeO2 Nanocomposites Using Refractive Index Matching Principles; Onur Parlak. Symposium on Processing Properties of Reinforced Polymers, May 29-June 1 2011, Dresden, Germany.
Poster Presentations
  • Molecularly-selective Nanoporous Membrane for Wearable Cortisol Sensor with Efficient Sampling Using Laser-patterned Microcapillary Channel Array. Onur Parlak, Scott Keene, Alberto Salleo. 2nd Asimolar Bioelectronics Symposium, 17-20 September 2017, Asimolar, Monterey, United States. 
  • Ion-selective Bio-interfaces for Organic Electrochemical Transistors; Onur Parlak, Scott Keene, Gregorio C. Faria, Alberto Salleo. 1st Asimolar Bioelectronics Symposium, 4-8 September 2016, Asimolar, Monterey, United States.
  • Switchable Graphene Interface for Biosensing and Energy Applications; Onur Parlak. ICREA-Workshop on Graphene Biosensors, 25-26 May 2015, Barcelona, Spain.
  • Structuring of Au Nanoparticle Array on Two-dimensional WS2 Interface for Electrochemical Biosensing; Onur Parlak. World Congress on Biosensors, 27-30 May 2014, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Towards a Cholesterol Biosensor Based on Gold Nanoparticle-functionalised Graphene; Onur Parlak. Label-free Technologies: Advances and Applications, 1-3 November 2012, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Towards a Cholesterol Biosensor Based on Gold Nanoparticle-functionalised Graphene; Onur Parlak. Annual Sweden-Japan Symposium on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 14-16 September 2012, Linköping, Sweden.
  • Fabrication of Transparent Polymer Nanocomposites by Index-Matching Principle Using Surface-Initiated Polymerization Technique; Onur Parlak. 26th Polymer Processing Regional Meeting, 20-23 October 2010, İstanbul, Turkey. (3. Best Poster Award)